Wednesday, December 6, 2017

@Marvel's @AgentsOfSHIELD Lifts 'the World that Veils the Truth' ... #Reality #Actual #Virtual

I'm in the middle of 'season 4 of MARVEL's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' on NETFLIX ... I don't know how it ends yet, but I'll tell you how it has gone so far (below the 'safety space')... but 'the main question' it brings up–which I can ask without any giving-away any SPOILERS of the A.O.S.-story–is

What Makes Reality "Actual" rather than "Virtual"?

The true sense of the word "Reality" is "the Quality of being Real" ... "Matter, Thing" ... "Origin, Source, Mother" (or maybe "Domicile") ... "to Rise" (Lift, Raise, Set in Motion) ... "to Go Up" (Flow, Travel←rise for a Journey) ... "to Release, Let go" (go Away, Reach, Meet with) ... "to Slacken" (Faint, Weary, let Loose, Lenient) ... from a proto-word also at the root of  "Languish, Lax, Lush, Relish, Sleep."
The true sense of the word "Actual" is "a Doing" (to Drive, Draw out or -forth, Move) ... "to Set, Put, Place" ... "to Thrust, Cast a Heavy Stone Overhead" (Scion, Plant, Poke) ... uncertain origin beyond "to Throw" ... "to Rub, Turn" (Twisting).
The true sense of the word "Virtual" is "Manhood" (Virtue, Capable of Producing a Certain Effect, Not Physically Existing but Made to Appear by Software) ... "State of being Human" ... (so all humanity is 'virtual'? ... kind-of, if we take these 'high-minded' roots of the word ...) "Humane, Philanthropic, Kind, Gentle, Polite, Learned, Refined, Civilized" (... rather than Earth, Ground, Earthly, the Hebrew root of the name Adam) ... 
... "Benevolence" ... "Well (Bene-) + to Wish (Will)" ... "to Desire, Strive for" ... "From 'the Stars' (Heavenly Bodies, Constellations)" (Consider) ... a proto-word also at the root of "Asterisk, Astrology, Astronaut, Astronomy, AstroTurf, Disaster, the names Estella (Stella!) & Esther"

So 'the difference' is "cause-&-effect connection (Nichiren Buddhism's Myoho)"—the way 'one person' is "real" to you if their words-&-actions have a noticeable effect-on your words-&-actions. 

I wonder why people (mostly in videos) give you a "SPOILER ALERT" but then -don't give you enough 'time to stop the video before they "SPOIL the plot they're talking-about" ... actually, most of the best videos with SPOILERS do give you time to stop (and Charlie "AwesomEmergency" will usually even give you 'links to click to find non-SPOILERy content!'

—a scientist constructed a virtual universe so that he and his loved-ones could live the ideal life. On the way to constructing it, he created an android who looked just like the person he was trying to save (maybe the android was one possible way of saving the person ... the idea being that he could somehow 'transfer' that person's consciousness into the machine).

But the android was allowed to scan 'a book left by ancient aliens,' and the book–while it did give the android 'the ability to save a couple of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from being lost in an alternate dimension–convinced the android that it was "enslaved" by the scientist & the S.H.I.E.L.D.-agents he was working-with/using to build his virtual universe.

'The ideal life' he imagined was "one where no one regretted their past." One of the first people he put into "The Framework" was Agent Melinda May, and her biggest regret was 'killing an alien-possessed child early in her career.'

Regrettable, yes; but that child (if she hadn't killed it) would've then 'immediately' (i.e. not "possibly," the illogical justification of killing anybody; but 'the child had the full intention and power to do so at that time') killed thousands of innocents, which then gave power to the rise of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s enemy HYDRA.

By the time the scientist had captured several other agents and put them into The Framework, the world had changed into one where HYDRA made- and enforced all the rules—most-notably that any humans with 'the genetic-sequence susceptible to alien-possession' was to be captured and 'dealt with' (treated-&-cured? maybe after Dr. Fitz developed the antibody; but usually "executed" until then).

But two agents managed to escape from the scientist (Dr. Radcliffe) before he could capture them with the androids he used to replace the first ones. They decided they needed to hack into The Framework to extract the captured agents. They managed to get in, but the first android (who had managed to put its consciousness into The Framework—changing its name to Madam Hydra) found-out they had hacked-in, and blocked them from escaping.

That marks the point where 'the veil is lifted' for me (especially with the two 'hacked-in' agents frequently informing the others that they are there from "the other side")—maybe all 'realities' (except-for 'whichever one you're living in right now,' of-course) are "imaginary." Not to say they're 'unreal' in any way–you 'really' get hurt when "the imaginary world" sees you get hurt, you 'really' feel good when "the imaginary world" sees something good happen to you–but ... (here we go with the main question from above the safety-space)

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Crossing the Line: Solving the Real-ness of #Autism with 'the Su-ness' of #NightOfTooManyStars @list25 @Bing

Autism is ... something deep

The true sense of the word "Autism" is "Self + Action or State of-" (Morbid self-Absorption) ... "to Swallow Up; Off, Away from (Ab-) + to Suck-In (Drink, Sup Greedily, Gulp)" ... "to Eat" (Imbibe, Consume) ... "to Use-up" (Com-, Under + to Take or Buy) ... unknown beyond "to Employ, Exercise, Perform" ... "Completely (Per-) + Provide (Furnish)"

The true sense of the word "Asperger's" is the name of the Austrian pediatrician who discovered it—calling it "Autistic Psychopathy." 
The meaning of the name "Asperger" is ... mixed-up in the mists of ancestrarchaeology–maybe Dutch, maybe Austrian, maybe from the region of Asperen in the Netherlands–most-likely just "Ash (Tree) + Hill."

Sure, this information is 'publicly on-display' for anyone to see, but–like "the plans for the bypass"–only available 'in some database at the back of a server in the back-room of the basement of a nondescript IP.' 

That is to say: if it weren't for The Night of Too Many Stars, you & I would pay Autism/Asperger's about as much attention as 'a dog-turd in the middle of a country-road.'

So Thank You Night of Too Many Stars, for helping to direct our attention away from the scummy-scummy corruptions of Hollywood/Washington power-mongering mongrels, and for directing our attention to this problem we can help you to do something-about!

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Friday, November 24, 2017

@Marvel's @AgentsOfShield Ruins and/or Redefines the #Devil (#Spoilers) @ArtOfManliness @SpiritOfSGI

RE. SPOILER ALERT: I've only seen most-of-the-episodes
 of the first three seasons

S.H.E.I.L.D. is an agency that ... well, it is to MARVEL what I imagine DC's Justice League will fight against (I don't know what DC's anti-'Justice League' is going to call itself—the Injustice League, the Legion of Doom ... I might suggest AID (Anti-Infiltration Department)).

Although the letters stand for something else, they really are a 'shield' between us-citizen's run-of-the-mill, work-a-day, standard-laws-of-physics lives and the super-human* entities wanting to end that humdrum routine.

Before I get too far into 'thinking about that,' ...

... I'll discuss what happened that made me see this. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest enemy (since they began in WWII, it seems) is Hydra.

And we find out that Hydra's end-goal wasn't exactly the "world-domination" we thought it was. It actually grew out of an ancient cult that worshiped a super-human whom other super-humans exiled to another planet. Hydra turned into a group that only sought world-domination, but they kept a very-important ritual of trying to retrieve the worshiped super-human (I guess they imagined they'd be rewarded with powerful positions when he returned).

In the third season, Hydra finally does bring the worshiped super-human back. Then we find out that the worshiped super-human had no intention of 'promoting Hydra's members to positions of prestige.' Its intention was to take-over the world (as it almost did in ancient times), using its power to hypnotize fellow super-humans into its army.

See, its name is Hive. It's a parasitic organism who infests and possesses others, bending super-humans to its will by making them feel like "obedience makes them part of 'something bigger.'"

The way Hydra-executive Malick explained this to Agents' Director Coulson showed me the exact parallel being drawn: "I believed that I could resurrect a god. But instead, I freed the Devil. ... The Devil promises everything and then lets you destroy your own world."

I know that "MARVEL's Agents" is 'only fictional' and not "real life"; but somehow the about-2.2-billion Christians in the world believe that "a book of stories" is 'real life.'

And that quote reminds me of something a fellow-survivor's caregiver told me at a support-group meeting. I was explaining to a med-student how I'd learned a meditative chant, and my fellow-survivor's caregiver interrupted me (when I started chanting the repeated six-syllable chant) saying "I don't like chanting words I don't understand; I suspect it's the Devil!"

She then proceeded to tell me how she had been to many churches, but none of them felt right until she got to 'the one she's at.'

I probably should've responded, "How do you know that's not 'the church that The Devil wants you at?"

The true sense of the word "Devil" is (ignoring the C.A.N.O.E. 'water-level on boat's hull'-origin) "Across, Through + to Throw (to Reach)" ... (since his disobedience was the reason he was 'thrown' into Hell) "to Rub, Turn" (Twist) ... a proto-word also at the root of "Attorney, Attrition, Contour, Contrite, Detour, Detriment, Diatribe, to Drill (Bore a Hole), Return, Thrash, Thread, Thresh, Threshold, Trauma, Tribulation, Trite, Trout."

Read more:
Read more: 
- But instead, I freed the Devil.
- Only technically.
I mean, all the ancient Satanic creation myths they were based on him, which you knew.
The Devil promises everything and then lets you destroy your own world.

Read more: 

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*I'm not sure why they call them "inhumans"–probably to differentiate them from the aliens & mutants–but I call them 'super-humans.'

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

#Hope & #Inspiration for Survivors (of #TraumaticBrainInjury #AquiredBrainInjury #HemorragicStroke #IschemicStroke)

A fellow survivor at the support-group meeting the other night introduced us to TBI Hope Magazine (individually sold there, but available FREE by email-subscription) and -to a Facebook-group that he said "is just like 'these meetings,' but Online.... a great place to ask questions, vent, share your story and help others."
Reality checks ... are overwhelming, you must try in order to know your limitations, put yourself out there!

The true sense of the word "Hope" is unknown beyond "to Trust in (the Promise), Assume Confidently" (perhaps "Hop" on the notion of "Leaping in Expectation) ... "to be Firm, Solid, Steadfast" ... "Secure in Position, Steady, firm in its Place, Unshakable, Stubborn, Resolute" (Faithful, Staunch, firm in one's Mind) ... "Free from (Secret) + Care (Cure)" ... "to Love" (my Own, Dear, to Help, Affection, Friendship, Peace, Wife of Odin, to Woo) ... 
... "to Desire" ... "Heavenly Body, Star, Constellation" (Consider ... Stella!) ... "With, Together + to Shine" ... a proto-word at the root of "to Gleam" (to Flash Up)—also at the root of "Arsenic, the name Chloe, Chlorine, Cholera, Cholesterol, the name Cloris, Gall (Bile, Liver Secretion), Gild, Glad, Glance, Glaze, Glee, Glide, Gloat, Glimpse, Glisten, Glitch, Glitter, Gloat, Gloss (glistening Smoothness, Luster), Glow, Gold, Melancholy, Yellow).
that proto-word is identical to the one that means "to Call"
—which is the root of the word "God"

The true sense of the word "Inspiration" is "In + to Breathe (Spirit)" ... (Breath) "Smell, Exhalation" (Steam ... and I know 'inspiration' seems like it should have come from 'something about inhaling, but I think it's important to acknowledge that the breath you take-in has to come from outside) ... "Out + to breathe"

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Monday, November 20, 2017

#LegionOfDoom or #InjusticeLeague Ought to Call Itself "#Protection Force" (or something) to Gain Citizen-Support

I mean; they are motivated (a little bit) to protect the Earth's regular humans from 'enhanced beings' (from home & abroad) ...

The true sense of the word "Protect" is "Before (Forward, In Front of) + to Cover" ... "Close, Over" (Com-, Epi-) ... a proto-word that's also the root of "Hyper-, Sirloin, Somersault, Soprano, Sovereign, Sum, Summit, Super-, Superb, Superior, Supreme, Sur-"

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

@LostOgle Helps #Oklahomans #Grieve "State-Matriarch Linda Cavanaugh's Retirement" @KFOR @OKfacts @DiscoverOK

No, Linda Cavanaugh's not 'on her deathbed' (as far as I know); but she's announced her plan to retire in December.

Linda–often referred to as 'Ms. Oklahoma' (I don't see her on the list of former Miss Oklahoma winners, but maybe I've got her mixed up with Jane Jayroe—another Oklahoman anchor-woman, who won Miss Oklahoma and went on to win Miss America the following year)–left 'big shoes to fill' for Joleen Chaney.

But Linda certainly 'made the shoes more-comfortable' than when Ms. Cavanaugh 'got them fresh off the assembly-line' (a rough-fit in the male-dominated, lower-salary-for-women, relatively-new industry of television-journalism).

But–though we'll probably see her as another spokesperson for a famous Oklahoma Company ... maybe one that makes snorkeling-gear–but we need to properly grieve 'the anchor-woman we'll no-longer have.'

Oh, we'll certainly have at-least-one new anchor-person to 'fill the missing space in our lives.' But never another 'Linda Cavanaugh' ... I compare it to 'if you lose an arm or -a leg'—you'll miss the limb, and you'll soon replace- or regrow it; but it'll never be 'the arm or leg that you once had!'

The true sense of the word "Grieve" is "Heavy" ('Come to our Lᴏʀᴅ, all ye heavy laden; and He will give you rest') ... "to Grasp" ... "to Seize, Reach" (Grab) ... "to Stretch Out" (Torture (on rack), Extend) ... "Tight, Narrow; to Twist" (String) ... "to become Firm, Curdle, Thicken" (Coagulate, Draw Together, Contract) ... "to Hold, Support" ... 
... a proto-word at the root of "to Tend" ... short for "Attend," from "Toward + to stretch" ... "Coming, Facing, Approaching" ... "to Go" ... "to Release, Let go" (go Away, Meet with) ... "to Slacken (due to Weariness)" ... a proto-word at the root of Languish, Relax, Relish, Sleep

Linda kept us informed, like a good matriarch should. No one else will ever do it exactly the way she did 😭 but we'll do our best to make-do with 'the best informer we can find.'

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

@howiMetyourMoTher #spoilers - The Mother's naMe, That Ted wasn't Telling The kids about her To Teach TheM anyThing ...

And the first spoiler (without even 'putting in some safe-space' so you can stay "unspoiled") were kinda 'snuck into' the subject-line there (in a geeky-geeky way)—her initials are T.M.* (the only letters I capitalized there 🤓) ... 

"Ted Mosby"? No, but ... kind-of, because the story wasn't so much about 'how the father met the mother & how he hopes his kids grow up to meet their future-spouses'; it's more about (and here's ... 

(... the big ...

(... SPOILER!...)

The true sense of the word "Spoiler" is "to Split, Break Off" (the "Reveal Information about the Plot of a Story Before someone Wants to Hear it"-meaning is attested from 1982) ... "to Destroy" ... "Un-, Down + Pile, Build" ... "to Be, Exist, Grow" ... a proto-word that means "to become Green" (Grass)



'how the father's good friend (whom he dated before she dated & married & divorced his other good friend) supported him & was supported by him before the parents even met & fell in love & had children & were parted by the mother's death, and how now that the mother's been dead for 6 years the father ought to start dating that good friend again.'

*The Mother's name was Tracy McConnell ... and the initials 'TM' were engraved on "that yellow umbrella" that was one of the 'hallmarks' of the series (one of those 'signals' that The Mother was near ... kind of like 'the breathing machine' is a sign that Darth Vader is near, or 'the sound of the TARDIS's air-brakes' are a sign that The Doctor is near.

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