Wednesday, November 22, 2017

#Hope & #Inspiration for Survivors (of #TraumaticBrainInjury #AquiredBrainInjury #HemorragicStroke #IschemicStroke)

A fellow survivor at the support-group meeting the other night introduced us to TBI Hope Magazine (individually sold there, but available FREE by email-subscription) and -to a Facebook-group that he said "is just like 'these meetings,' but Online.... a great place to ask questions, vent, share your story and help others."
Reality checks ... are overwhelming, you must try in order to know your limitations, put yourself out there!

The true sense of the word "Hope" is unknown beyond "to Trust in (the Promise), Assume Confidently" (perhaps "Hop" on the notion of "Leaping in Expectation) ... "to be Firm, Solid, Steadfast" ... "Secure in Position, Steady, firm in its Place, Unshakable, Stubborn, Resolute" (Faithful, Staunch, firm in one's Mind) ... "Free from (Secret) + Care (Cure)" ... "to Love" (my Own, Dear, to Help, Affection, Friendship, Peace, Wife of Odin, to Woo) ... 
... "to Desire" ... "Heavenly Body, Star, Constellation" (Consider ... Stella!) ... "With, Together + to Shine" ... a proto-word at the root of "to Gleam" (to Flash Up)—also at the root of "Arsenic, the name Chloe, Chlorine, Cholera, Cholesterol, the name Cloris, Gall (Bile, Liver Secretion), Gild, Glad, Glance, Glaze, Glee, Glide, Gloat, Glimpse, Glisten, Glitch, Glitter, Gloat, Gloss (glistening Smoothness, Luster), Glow, Gold, Melancholy, Yellow).
that proto-word is identical to the one that means "to Call"
—which is the root of the word "God"

The true sense of the word "Inspiration" is "In + to Breathe (Spirit)" ... (Breath) "Smell, Exhalation" (Steam ... and I know 'inspiration' seems like it should have come from 'something about inhaling, but I think it's important to acknowledge that the breath you take-in has to come from outside) ... "Out + to breathe"

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Monday, November 20, 2017

#LegionOfDoom or #InjusticeLeague Ought to Call Itself "#Protection Force" (or something) to Gain Citizen-Support

I mean; they are motivated (a little bit) to protect the Earth's regular humans from 'enhanced beings' (from home & abroad) ...

The true sense of the word "Protect" is "Before (Forward, In Front of) + to Cover" ... "Close, Over" (Com-, Epi-) ... a proto-word that's also the root of "Hyper-, Sirloin, Somersault, Soprano, Sovereign, Sum, Summit, Super-, Superb, Superior, Supreme, Sur-"

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

@LostOgle Helps #Oklahomans #Grieve "State-Matriarch Linda Cavanaugh's Retirement" @KFOR @OKfacts @DiscoverOK

No, Linda Cavanaugh's not 'on her deathbed' (as far as I know); but she's announced her plan to retire in December.

Linda–often referred to as 'Ms. Oklahoma' (I don't see her on the list of former Miss Oklahoma winners, but maybe I've got her mixed up with Jane Jayroe—another Oklahoman anchor-woman, who won Miss Oklahoma and went on to win Miss America the following year)–left 'big shoes to fill' for Joleen Chaney.

But Linda certainly 'made the shoes more-comfortable' than when Ms. Cavanaugh 'got them fresh off the assembly-line' (a rough-fit in the male-dominated, lower-salary-for-women, relatively-new industry of television-journalism).

But–though we'll probably see her as another spokesperson for a famous Oklahoma Company ... maybe one that makes snorkeling-gear–but we need to properly grieve 'the anchor-woman we'll no-longer have.'

Oh, we'll certainly have at-least-one new anchor-person to 'fill the missing space in our lives.' But never another 'Linda Cavanaugh' ... I compare it to 'if you lose an arm or -a leg'—you'll miss the limb, and you'll soon replace- or regrow it; but it'll never be 'the arm or leg that you once had!'

The true sense of the word "Grieve" is "Heavy" ('Come to our Lᴏʀᴅ, all ye heavy laden; and He will give you rest') ... "to Grasp" ... "to Seize, Reach" (Grab) ... "to Stretch Out" (Torture (on rack), Extend) ... "Tight, Narrow; to Twist" (String) ... "to become Firm, Curdle, Thicken" (Coagulate, Draw Together, Contract) ... "to Hold, Support" ... 
... a proto-word at the root of "to Tend" ... short for "Attend," from "Toward + to stretch" ... "Coming, Facing, Approaching" ... "to Go" ... "to Release, Let go" (go Away, Meet with) ... "to Slacken (due to Weariness)" ... a proto-word at the root of Languish, Relax, Relish, Sleep

Linda kept us informed, like a good matriarch should. No one else will ever do it exactly the way she did 😭 but we'll do our best to make-do with 'the best informer we can find.'

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

@howiMetyourMoTher #spoilers - The Mother's naMe, That Ted wasn't Telling The kids about her To Teach TheM anyThing ...

And the first spoiler (without even 'putting in some safe-space' so you can stay "unspoiled") were kinda 'snuck into' the subject-line there (in a geeky-geeky way)—her initials are T.M.* (the only letters I capitalized there 🤓) ... 

"Ted Mosby"? No, but ... kind-of, because the story wasn't so much about 'how the father met the mother & how he hopes his kids grow up to meet their future-spouses'; it's more about (and here's ... 

(... the big ...

(... SPOILER!...)

The true sense of the word "Spoiler" is "to Split, Break Off" (the "Reveal Information about the Plot of a Story Before someone Wants to Hear it"-meaning is attested from 1982) ... "to Destroy" ... "Un-, Down + Pile, Build" ... "to Be, Exist, Grow" ... a proto-word that means "to become Green" (Grass)



'how the father's good friend (whom he dated before she dated & married & divorced his other good friend) supported him & was supported by him before the parents even met & fell in love & had children & were parted by the mother's death, and how now that the mother's been dead for 6 years the father ought to start dating that good friend again.'

*The Mother's name was Tracy McConnell ... and the initials 'TM' were engraved on "that yellow umbrella" that was one of the 'hallmarks' of the series (one of those 'signals' that The Mother was near ... kind of like 'the breathing machine' is a sign that Darth Vader is near, or 'the sound of the TARDIS's air-brakes' are a sign that The Doctor is near.

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Still Binge-ing @hOWiMetYourMother - So Well-Put-Together, I Have to Remind Myself THAT'S NOT REAL #LIFE! @Bing

That's why 'grown-ups' tell you that television "rots your brains"—its stories 'lull you into believing' that a good life "requires" dating & driving & working-for-a-living  & a spouse etc.

And those are all great 'things to which you devote your time*,' but they aren't "the reason you get out of bed in the morning" (not permanently, anyway).

I guess I should put it this way: you get up and do the best good you can do.

From the cradle to the grave, that's how it is—

when you're young, you get up and do 'as your parents/guardians tell you' as well as you can. They send you to daycare/school/etc., where you do the best you can. Your guardians (both teachers and parents) gradually give you more-&-more control over 'what you decide to do,' which you do as well as you can.

And you continue doing that unless-or-until you decide it's not worth getting up at-that-time/anymore.

The true sense of the word "Life" is "to Stick, Adhere, Persevere, Remain" ... "Very + Strict, Grave, Serious, Austere" ... "Heavy" (Honored, Esteemed, Weighty; to Lift) ... "to Grasp" ... "to Seize, Reach" (to Grab) ... "to Stretch Out" (Torture (on a rack), to Extend) ... "to Pull Tight, Twist; Narrow" (Stark) ... unknown beyond "to Pluck (Wool), Draw Out" ... 
... "Hair" (Pile) ... "to Stand Out, Bristle, Rise to a Point" ... "to Make- or Be Firm" ... "to Hold, Support" (Custom, Law, Hard, Strong, Seat, Steel) ... "Up from Under + to Carry, Lead, Pass Over" ... "to Go Forth" ... "to Release" (to go Away, reach, Meet with) ... "to be Slack, Languid" ... a proto-word that's also the root for Sleep, Lax, Languish, Lush, Relish

The whole "dating & marriage" thing is sort of 'extra' on top of that.

Oh, I know that many people claim it's crucially important (that they wouldn't have gone out to look for work if they didn't have to provide for a spouse & children, that they wouldn't interact with society if there weren't a small chance they could meet 'someone they'll spend the rest of their lives with,' etc.); but if Marital Relationships were that important, you'd think they'd spend more time teaching it in school (and I know there are college-classes in relationships-etc., but I'm talking about public school).

    The Way the Dating & Marriage Thing is Supposed to Work (or at least the way I've observed it working ... only hearing 'clues' & going to 'big events' (weddings, overheard conversations at holiday-parties)) is:
  1. You're going into the world, doing the thing you do as well as you can do it.
  2. You meet someone else out in the world, either doing the same thing as you or -helping you do it or -doing something that's somehow connected; and you get to know each other.
  3. You two get to know each other well enough to decide to 'become one' (i.e. each of your incomes goes into one bank-account, each of you receive mail at one address, other things which "bone of my boneflesh of my flesh" is symbolic-for).
    1. And if you conceive-&-bear-&-raise children, they go on to do the same thing as you did.
"School" was the closest I ever got to 'being out in the world' (other than a brief attempt at employment, which ... it wasn't the right time for me ...), so the closest I ever observed 'the dating thing' was the idea that 'when you get a car (or can drive a car), then you get a job and can ask a girl to start dating you.'

As 'the ability to use a car' was stolen from me, I was denied entry to 'the dating-world.' (No woman–especially in sprawled-out cities like Oklahoma City–wants to date a man who can't drive her to the restaurant, drive her to the movies, and/or drive her to whatever other entertainment they take-in).

Oh, I know you can take a taxi to wherever you want to go. But ... I suppose I never had 'the self-esteem' to ask a girl on a date (the 'do anything you want' self-esteem that comes with car-ownership, like that which comes with home-ownership or -with the assurance of permanent employment)—the feeling that "I deserve to have someone with me as I go & interact with society."

*I say "devote," and I feel like I have to clarify that–although you're surely "giving all the glory to-" and "doing those things in devotion to-your God**"–the real-life fact is that 'your time' goes directly to 'those activities' with no third-party between 'your time' & 'those activities'—sure, other people help you accomplish those activities; but without 'those activities,' 'your time' just goes on to the next fun thing you feel like doing!

**Still feel like 'everything you do' should be part of "the glory of your God?" I'll remind you what an insult that is to your God's glory!

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

#Review of My First @Netflix-#Binge: @HowIMetYourMother @HowIMetYourMother12

NETFLIX is taking how i met your mother off of the available-selections in less than two weeks, so I'm 'watching it like no other TV-series I've ever watched before' (on Netflix, anyway ... my first 'binge' would have to be an Oklahoma-station's mid-80's broadcast "STAR TREK-A-THON" from the TV-series of the `60's (a broadcast made just when VCRs were beginning to come out, first-making "recording something on-schedule but watching it whenever you had time" 'a thing') which I watched until the cassettes rotted out in the early 2000's).

The true sense of the word "Binge" is "to Soak (a wooden vessel, usually to make it Swell up)."

And I'm seeing that 'binge-ing' is the way that 'people reviewing a show' ought to watch the show. True, it's good to review some shows the same way they come out (usually 'a little-at-a-time,' as if "social conditions" somehow change 'the show's story'); but reviewing the show after a binge lets you see 'the whole forest' a lot better than spending a week meditating on 'each separate tree.'

I say that, because–when I told one of my older relatives that I'm bingeing how i met your mother–she made some cautionary comment about 'how I shouldn't fill my mind with that crap.' And yes, I was a little insulted; but she had a point.

And this review is a part of my caution—sort of 'drawing a borderline between "actual reality" and "virtual reality"' (one reason why I'm putting this post here rather than in any of my blogs that discuss news, theology, nutrition etc.),' reminding myself that 'the way stuff works out on the show' is only like 'the way stuff works out in real life' by accident!

The true sense of the word "Review" is "Again + to See" (to Consider or Discuss Critically).

And himym's creators make that distinction doubly easy-to-make because they begin-&-end nearly every show with a reminder that it's a late-40's/early-50's-something father telling stories of his late-20's & early-30's ... stories that (in some parts he admits, cluing you into the fact that it's probably the same way in other parts) are not necessarily the actual facts.

Which is okay, because the "how" he's describing isn't really a 'set of instructions for meeting'- as it's a 'way to set your expectations to end up meeting'-the mother.

One possible example of this 'not quite true, but okay since "its actuality" isn't the point': Barney Stinson—his mother constantly "invented" facts to help focus him on the present ('game-show host Bob Barker is your father,' 'the postmaster-general lost all the invitations to your birthday-party,' 'you can't be on the basketball-team because you're too good').

I don't remember (I'm only about halfway through the series), but I wouldn't be surprised if "Barney Stinson" was 'a fiction within a fiction'—sort of a 'character that the 4 friends invented as disposal for their evil imaginings' (like the 'tricksters' of the mythical god-cadres ... the "Loki/Kokopelli/Anansi/Elegua/Eris/Hermes/Laverna/Lugh/Veles/Wisakedjak (Whiskey Jack)/Lucifer" who misused his great power and so–tho his end may have been great 'in a way'–he was barred from the blessèd fate that awaits the obedient ones.

That brings me to The Bro Code. One of the things I always liked about the show was its post-credits display of 'one of the rules of The Bro Code.' Maybe they didn't start doing that post-credits display until the last few seasons; because I'm watching the 5th or 6th season now on NETFLIX, and they haven't been doing it.

(Maybe that's because of some weird copyright stuff between them & earlier users of 'The Bro Code.' Although some research reveals that the post-credit slides were in the original broadcasts but not -in the DVD-release ... indicating that they were perhaps 'creations of CBS' and not part of the himym-scripts?)

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

#Kronos: The Home-Planet of #Cronus of the #Chronic #Chronology of #Chronicles? @NLStarTrekWiki @Wikipedia

Kronos is the home-planet of STAR TREK's Klingons (an alien-species named for their solar-system's central star).

The similarity of the word 'Kronos' to all the 'Chron'-words is so simple, it seems like I should've written this entry long ago! (and maybe I already did, but haven't started it yet ... wioll been haven yet-ed ...)

The true sense of the word "Chronology" (Chrono-, Chronic, Anachronism, Chronicle) is uncertain beyond "Time, a Season, a While."

"Kronos" was one of about-six names submitted to Gene Roddenberry by his friend the linguist Marc Okrand. These and other names (suggested by Marc, by Gene himself, and by other writers of 'canonical' sources) included "Klingon" (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season Two), "Ultar" (Star Trek: Phase II - The Making of the Lost Series), "tlhIngan" (the unofficial Klingonese name for the Klingon species, something "almost unpronounceable" ("Sins of the Father" audio commentary, TNG Season 3 Blu-ray)), 

... "Kronos" (formally spelled "Qo'noS" or "Q'onoS ("In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II") or "QonoS" ("Sleeping Dogs") or "Chronos" ("Once More Unto the Breach"  and "Extreme Measures")), "Kling" (almost jokingly, when Roddenberry was asked 'where Klingons come from' (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, "Heart of Glory," "The Explored Galaxy"), later referenced as a district or a city on the Klingon homeworld), "Klingonii, Klinzhai, Kazh."

Roddenberry's friend may have been inspired by Cronus–son of Uranus & Gaia, (youngest) Titan of the Harvest, and father of Zeus–often mistaken for Father Time (Chronos), which is why Father Time is so-often depicted holding a scythe.

Anyway ... it seems to fall in line with the theory that 'all major villains are one-and-the-same being.'

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