Thursday, October 19, 2017

@LadyGaga Needs Your Help to Save Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta! @Netflix @GagaDaily @LadyGagaNews4U

I just saw GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO on NETFLIX, and ... I don't know where to start ...

I guess that's another testament to Stefani's devotion to the 'Lady Gaga'-character—she's sewn it so seamlessly into her lifestyle, one can't tell where Stefani stops and Lady begins!

What really struck me was 'what Stefani goes through almost-daily' (besides the chronic pain and the PTSD and the innumerable other things your love helps her get away-from): the feeling that her life is crumbling to pieces, and her fear that her performance will just flake-out into tatters and be swept away, leaving nothing but a gyrating pile of mush melting in the spotlight on the stage.

But she tells us that–when she's out there dancing & singing & adjusting the music-machines to magnetize the air to pull-in all the fan-love–all that 'personal stuff' disappears! (the movie said something about her 'losing three marriages to her love of the music,' but the only reports I can find say that she & her fiance are 'soulmates on a break' after 5 years of waiting after she said "yes" to the proposal).

'The Quickening she gets from her fans' reminds me of how Brother Kenneth Copeland–though he has busted discs in his spinal column and quite a few injuries in his 80 year old body–can mount the stage (at one of the churches in his ministry) and preach like a Newsie for hours-at-a-time.

How can you help Lady Gaga to bring some of that life-force into Stefani's life? Easy! She does all the hard work; all you have to do is 'validate it' by showing her the fan-love any way you can.

It starts (nation-wide, at least; if not worldwide) by calling your local radio-stations and requesting songs 'by Lady Gaga' (specific favorites, or just 'any Lady Gaga song,' or ... get to know your local DJs, and you know they'll play it right!)

Then of-course you can 'make your contribution to her album-sales statistics.' I know it feels like you're only giving her 'a percentage of a percentage of a percentage' of the hundreds-of-millions of albums she's selling, but 'every grain of sand is needed for the best brick!'

Follow/Subscribe-to her on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, keep up-to-date on her website's news, check out her Wikipedia- & IMDb pages, and comment below with any news you hear from your favorite cable- or network-TV or internet news-sites!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Evo-Garage of Fiction runs 'Mods on the Chassis' of Bram Stoker's #Dracula

(I don't know where I got those words—is 'mods' garage-slang for "modifications?" and "chassis" (CHASS-ee) 'the base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance,' from the French for 'box.')

I've heard (and guess it's well-known) that Bram Stoker's Dracula-character was based on Baron Vlad Dracul—a ruler who was infamous for impaling his enemies armies & leaving their heads on poles thrust into the ground (hence earning him the name Vlad the Impaler).

The true sense of the name "Dracula" is "of the Dragon."

Bram Stoker's Dracula was a 'villain' on account of his attempt to be 'something he was not' (I'm going by the 1992 movie ... not sure if he becomes a vampire for the same reason (by cursing God for sending his suicidal wife to Hell) in the original story in the book). He became 'immortal,' when he wasn't supposed to be.

When I was trying to find out 'whether Pastor Arnold Murray were really truly passed-away (when his church keeps on broadcasting his chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse Bible-study lectures),' Snopes led me to a couple modifications popular fiction has made to the vampire-story (at least if you consider 'Dracula' to be "the grand sire" who made all of the others into vampires).

Another 'collateral discovery' (this time, a site I found while searching for the above-linked free version of 'the original story'): that the character's original name was Count Wampyr, in a novel Stoker named The Un Dead, inspired by Abhartach the Blood-Sucking Chieftain of Ireland—tracing the name 'Dracula' from the Celtic word ‘dreach-fhuola’ ("Tainted Blood").

I suppose that- & other confusions at the beginning of the story 'grant license' for future story-tellers to use any selection from the 'buffet of origins' (including voodoo, pantheistic mythology from the Greeks, Romans and Vikings, etc.) in their new imaginings of the Vampire.

The true sense of the word "Vampire" is possibly "Witch" (though some very-similar Old European words were used to name Zombies who Rise from their Graves at Night to Suck the blood of the Living as they Sleep).

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Monday, October 16, 2017

#Villain Unification: Not 'Working Together,' but Khan IS The Borg IS The Terminator IS Lore IS Q IS Dracula IS ... Highlander?

I'm sure I've been thinking about this for some time (ever since Marty & Doc Brown went Back to 1985, or ever since I realized that 'the 007 James Bond I thought I knew' was actually several different actors), but watching the 'homecoming' episode of STAR TREK: VOYAGER inspired me to start to make the proposal.

The proposal?

that All Sci-Fi Villains are Actually Just One Evil Super-Genius

(Trump? The Joker? Dr. Doom? ... could-it-be-- Satan?)

My first clue that 'all sci-fi villains are actually just one' came from the name of the STAR TREK-episode that introduced Khan Noonien Singh—"Space Seed." 'Seed' of what? I ask myself. And the obvious answer ... The Seed of All Evil.

Of course I connect that to all the other STAR TREK villains, but it actually connects most-directly to DOCTOR WHO's lead villain (beside The Master or The Doctor himself)—the one who is said to be the creator of 'the Daleks' (the alien race that destroyed all Gallifreyan Time-Lords except for The Doctor) ... Dalek Khan, one who found "immortality" by constructing machines around every living cell of his body!

Whoops ... that's Davros ... there is a 'Dalek Khan'–spelled "Caan"–but he's more like 'a prophet in King Davros' court' ...

Odd how 'trying to be immortal or -to make oneself "the best that one can be"' so-often makes one into the villain.

The true sense of the word "Villain" is "Farmhand, Yokel, Churl, Peasant" ('of the Villa?' Clan; Character (in a Novel or Play etc.) whose Evil Motives or Actions Help Drive the Plot).

I suppose one sees as 'evil' any person who tries to fulfill a role 'above their place'—like a farmhand trying to manage farm-business dealings; like the archangel Lucifer trying to assume the role of God; like a real-estate heir trying to Preside over the Federal Government; like a program trying to assume any role other than the one it was designed-for ... "Power Corrupts."

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